How To Prepare For The New Year

January is just around the corner which means soon we’ll be knee deep in new year diet fads, unrealistic resolutions and a hungover bank account thanks to Christmas. I’m guilt of writing that long list of resolutions and being adamant on the 1st of January that ‘THIS IS GOING TO BE MY YEAR!’. I’m not even ashamed to admit that. I love the thought of a new year full of new opportunities; a proper fresh start. I love the new year that much that I like to plan for it, I like to plan ahead. So, I thought I’d share with you how I’m going to prepare for 2018.

Write Your List Of Resolutions

You know you can’t resist writing that list of resolutions so go on, get that pen and paper and get writing. Don’t be too unrealistic, I mean at the top of my list every year is ‘Stop Biting My Nails’, has it happened yet? NO. Is it likely to ever happen? NO. So this year it’s not going on my list. Make sure you feel passionate about every single thing that you add to that list as that’ll push you to pursue every resolution.

Start Your Resolutions Early

Now you’ve got your long list of resolutions, it’s time to get working on them. I used to be the person who would do everything anti-resolutions until the 1st then have that sudden change but I assure you it makes it a hella lot harder. Going from eating chocolate for breakfast to doing fasted workouts is not fun. I prefer to make small changes in favour of my resolutions as soon as the ink is dry on the page. This ensures you give yourself the best start to the year that you can.

Make Healthier Changes

This will probably only apply to those of you who have a resolution that involves getting fitter/healthier, which includes me. I intend to fully enjoy the food side of Christmas- pigs in blankets, tins of chocolates, crisps and so much cheese! It’s one of the parts that I look forward too most. But before Christmas Eve and after Boxing Day I will make healthier changes. Even minute things like drinking more water and going to the gym even when I’m unsure. This bottle is a massive help, it was £5 from Matalan, it’s a kind of cheaper version of the Hydrate M8 bottles. This makes it easier for yourself in the new year when you’re in the full throws of healthiness.

Splurge On New Stationary

Is anything more satisfying than starting a new notebook on the first day of the year? New stationary pushes you to be more organised and gives the illusion that you have your life together. These notebooks are from Home Bargains and are so aesthetically pleasing.

Have A Spring Clean

I always like to have a spring clean before Christmas, mainly to accommodate for new presents and make room in my pig sty of a bedroom. However this year I’ve had this Spring clean on a much larger scale as I’ve actually done my bedroom up, it feels so therapeutic having a change. Everything being clean, fresh and organised makes you feel so put together and is helpful during the hectic time that is Christmas.


I hate the thought of having to budget but I am determined to budget efficiently in 2018. I’ve not thought too much into it yet but after Christmas I’m going to make a list of the things that I need to budget for (e.g. petrol, car insurance, gym membership etc.). I like to use this receipt organiser from Wilko’s just to help me stay on track.

Reflect on 2017

Whether 2017 has been a good or a bad year I think it is so important to reflect on it. Whether it be writing down your highlights, what was good/bad or your favourite memories. Before you start the first chapter of 2018, you’ve got to close the book of 2017 (soz for that cliche). I love these free printable from The Happiness Planner which have prompts on them to help you reflect on the year (

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you had an amazing Christmas and take on a few of my tips to have the best start to the new year.

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  1. Great post. You are right about starting on new year resolutions early. As they require us to change our habbits. And changes can never happen all of a sudden.. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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